Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, it was on Friday night, but I didn't get a chance to watch it that night. Well I watched it today, and it was great, I will for sure keep watching it.

It opened up my eyes a lot, and I learned quite a bit from it. There was a family on there and the son had a mark on his neck, and the Dr. automatically thought Diabetes. They did the blood test, and he didn't have it yet, but they told him that he would. Well I just happen to have a large mark on the back of my neck, I have had it there for maybe 6 months, I remember freaking out when I found it. I googled it a little, and it said something about high insulin, but I forgot about it, and though it's ugly and I try to cover it I never thought about it again, until I watched this.

I'm really scared to go to the doctor, mainly because I feel like I'm going to be told that there is something wrong with me, and I know that I did this to myself. I don't want to feel judged for putting my own health at stake. I know I need to go, but it might take me awhile to make myself go :(

Too be completely honest, up until this point...the want for weight loss has been vain, I have just wanted to look better in clothes, find myself prettier etc. I know now though that it's  not about my looks, it's about my health. My BMI is 38.7, I'm so close to morbid obesity it's not funny. I need to make this happen, I lack motivation a lot, so I'm going to need as much of it as I can get...but I have to do this!


  1. The one good thing is, that regardless of what some doctors say, adult onset diabetes is often completely reversible IF you stop eating those things that caused the diabetes in the first place.

    A diet based on the glycemic index is often helpful, such as the South Beach Diet. And Phase two of that diet is really not hard at all, phase one is pretty strict, but it gets your insulin and blood sugar under control.

    If you are delaying the doctor visit anyway, you might want to get on that diet for a couple of weeks, and see if that mark fades on its own.

    Of course, its probably best to go to the doctor without delay, but I don't have much room to talk there, I always put off doctors visits until the last possible moment.

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  3. I recommend getting the book "South Beach Diet", it has lots of recipes, and explains how it works to control your blood sugar.