Monday, March 22, 2010

Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Friend

His name is Ray, and I married him 2 years ago today :) Yeah, we were so young, I guess we still are lol, but we just couldn't wait to get married, not even until summer or fall....definitely not the 3 or so years our parents wanted us to wait until I finished college. So we talked and got our way, and had a wedding on March 22, 2008 and in Ohio, March is a free for all, it can be sunny or warm, or cold and gloomy...or even snowy! That particular Saturday in March, I woke up to snow! Yuck, however it did end up looking pretty, but man what I would have given to have a warmer day!!

 There were even more people than the 200 we anticipated at the ceremony and we had to have seating added. It was great to have everyone we loved there to share the day with us. However, I didn't notice anyone else that day, it was all about my school sweetheart, my best friend in the whole world!
Now I would love to leave my weight out of this, I really would...but this is what this blog is for! On that day I weighed 193 lbs, and though I still felt pretty, I think that only went as far as my face. I wish I had been a skinny bride, in a size 2 dress, but I wasn't and I can't change that now. I can only change my future. My husband loves me no matter what, and he always will. There is not a single time in the 4+ years we have been together that he has complained once about the way I look, and I'm pretty sure we can go another 50 years without him doing so. I feel like he deserves a healthy wife who is in shape though, I mean I get a husband that is! So it is a huge thing for me to be in the best shape I can be by our 3rd anniversary in 1 year!
Happy Anniversary Ray!! I miss you and love you so much!! *3.22.08*


  1. What a sweet post! Oh, and not everyone CAN be a size 2. I've been at my ideal weight, and I'm still a 12-14! I've been below my ideal, and looked sick, and still wore a 10-12!

    Aim to be healthy, not a toothpick!