Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Low Carb...Gonna Be Hard!

So I am going to be starting a low carb diet. Not Atkins or anything crazy like that, but I need to start a low carb to get my blood sugar down. This is going to be difficult for me, I looooovvveee my carbs!! haha I have been reading about The South Beach Diet, however my Dr. thinks first I need to just try to cut way back on things such as potatoes, pasta, bread, and that sort of thing and of course sugar, but I can keep my fruit, which makes me happy, cause I love fruit!

I also went to the eye dr. today, omgosh my eyes have gotten a lot worse, which surprised him a lot since I'm 22 and at my age he said they really shouldn't be changing so much :( At least I have new contacts and new glasses ordered :)  Some good news is that I go back to Louisiana in 2 weeks!! Ahhhh so close! I'm so excited to have my own house again!

As for the diet, I'm going to start keeping a daily food diary on here, pictures and in writing so I can keep accountable for my calories and carbs. Wish my luck, it's not going to be easy!!

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  1. That was the thing that bothered me with South Beach, so little fruit! Of course, its only on phase 1 that you can't have any fruit, after that you can have certain fruits in measured amounts. But still, I don't blame you!