Friday, April 16, 2010

10 Days...

I'm the worst blogger ever, but that's okay, I'm keeping this for myself anyways! My internet has been out so I wasn't able to update, but the cable company came and fixed here I am, and it's perfect because it's Friday!! I started my "low carb" diet on Wednesday the 7th, and since then in 9 days, my weight has gone from 210, yeah I had gained again, to

so a loss of 9.4 lbs, I'm aware it's going to come off slower from now on, and I'm also aware that if I go crazy on carbs it's going to come right back!
It's been a hard 9 days, but not impossible, I think it's going to get easier to eat like this, and with adding in more cardio I hope I keep seeing results!

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